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One of the main aspects of “” business is organizing and operating all inclusive tours for groups and individuals. Any request for travel you may have, we know how to plan the perfect itinerary specially for you and to give our best quotation. OUR SERVICES include: • Accommodation in best hotels and apartments in Ukraine • Individual and Group Business travel • Service on organizing and holding conferences and congresses • Participation in exhibitions and congresses held

Субъект туристической деятельности: туроператор

Лицензия: AB 505393

Направления: Крым, Украина, Украина - Карпаты.

Адрес и телефоны «STAYinKIEV»
Киев, м. Контрактовая площадь, ул. Верхний Вал 48/28
(044) 223-55-06
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